13 www.DurantChamber.org for a variety of activities that benefit all of the students. Healthy lifestyles are promoted throughout the Choctaw Nation. Health ser- vice programs, at clinics and online, share information on the “Going Lean” initiative that encourages healthier choices to combat the rising cases of obesity, heart disease and diabetes. The tribe operates wellness centers, treatment centers for substance abuse for both men and women, clinics throughout the service area, and food distribution centers to assist those in need. A team of more than 5,000 driven, accountable optimists within the Durant-based Divi- sion of Commerce carry on the Choctaw heritage of determi- nation, commitment and com- munity to generate revenue that supports tribal services and accelerate the success of the tribe. The Nation’s diverse portfolio of businesses spans more than a dozen industries throughout the 10 ½ counties including construction, com- mercial real estate, economic and community development, agriculture, tourism, retail, gaming, hospitality, restaurant franchises, printing, e-com- merce and wildlife manage- ment. The Nation is also con- structing travel plazas, casinos, community centers and tribal service centers throughout our service area. The Choctaw Nation remains an active steward of its water and lands and is engaged in a growing number of projects to protect the envi- ronment of southeast Okla- homa. The Choctaw Nation’s award-winning recycling fa- cilities help offset the amount of waste hauled to landfills, assist in saving energy, and ultimately provides a better environment for our children and grandchildren. The Recy- cling Centers in Durant and Pocola give everyone in the area an opportunity to be good stewards of the land. The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma’s ancient land management practices are still valued as the tribe harvests large crops of pecans, hay, cat- tle and buffalo from thousands of acres of tribally owned and cultivated land. The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma Agricul- ture Outreach program utilizes Ag in the Classroom and works with Head Start, day care and public school students to teach and promote agriculture education. Working with tribal extension agents, Agricul- ture Outreach works with the USDA as well as Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service, assists with local livestock shows and works with tribal members on their agriculture needs. The Choctaw Nation takes care of its members both inside and outside the 10 ½ counties. They travel to many areas of the United States ev- ery year to visit tribal members and encourage them to utilize the many opportunities the tribe has to offer. During these meetings, there is fellowship and cultural activities to keep these members involved with the tribe and immersed in the culture. 116 N. 9th 580-924-5951 60711570 The Choctaw Nation Headquarters CHOCTAW continued from 12