35 www.DurantChamber.org An 89,000-acre jewel set into the landscape of Oklahoma and Texas, Lake Texoma is a sparkling wonder of deep blue water and beautiful green shores. With more than 6 million annual visitors, the lake is one of the most popular Federal recreation facilities in the country offering everything from waterskiing to scenic na- ture hikes. Two-thirds of Lake Texoma lies in Oklahoma. Before the creation of Lake Texoma by the U.S. Army Corps of Engi- neers, the area was a rural slice of Ameri- can wilderness, with historic sites such as Fort Washita and home of future United States president Dwight D. Eisenhower. In 1938, the Flood Control Act authorized construction of the Denison Dam on the Red River and therefore the formation of Lake Texoma, forever altering the future of the area. At the time, the Denison Dam was the largest rolled, earth-filled dam and is now the 12th largest in volume in the U.S. In 1944, the dam began its job of flood control, and in 1945, the first hydroelectric turbine was put into operation. Today, the lake continues in its duty of flood control and hydroelectric power generation, in ad- dition to being a premier Oklahoma-Texas recreation destination. The lake area includes two wildlife refuges, two state parks, US Army Corps of Engineers managed parks, many campgrounds, more than twenty resorts and a variety of excellent golf courses. Power boating, power sailing, personal watercraft, water skiers and wind surfers all consider the land an excellent place to have fun. Lake Texoma has become a huge sailing center based on the lake’s size, depth and miles of sailing shoreline. Boasting record striper fishing, Texo- ma’s salt content for a fresh water lake makes it perfect for the striped bass spawning and living habitat. Fishing guides flourish as well as the fish in this environment. Texoma is host to many fish varieties, too many to name them all. Boating and water sports are another major attraction. Boats of all types and sizes as well as personal watercraft can be rented at many locations around the lake. Many of the marinas also provide gas docks for refueling the watercrafts. Moorings are avail- able for sailboats as well as boat slips for motor boats and yachts. Other amenities that surround the water are picnic pa- vilions, hiking trails, golf courses, rental cabins, motels, hotels, sport and workout facilities, restaurants, casinos, bait and tackle, flea markets, spas and re- tail shops providing everything one might want in a vacation destination. For additional information about Lake Texoma contact the Lake Texoma Asso- ciation at 855-452-5346, 580-564-2334 or www.LakeTexomaOnline.com. Jestis Insurance Agency 1201 W. Evergreen ♦ Durant, OK 74701 580.634.2883 60711584 60711578 227 Radio Rd. Durant, OK 74701 580-924-4300 Photo by Nick Brown Photo by Terri Perry Photo by Jose Ramirez Gateway to Lake Texoma